What is Homiez.me?

Homiez is an innovative, comprehensive e-commerce platform established in 2018. It aims to make consumers’ online commerce easier and more enjoyable by bridging the gap and streamlining the reach out and process of transaction with trusted local vendors. Homiez also focuses on enabling and empowering local vendors thus, providing an opportunity for those vendors to showcase and sell their products and services and be more recognized in the local & regional market.

It operates benefiting both vendors and consumers as it provides an effective e-commerce ecosystem platform, which is fundamental for running a successful online business. This platform will allow vendors to promote, expand and engage their businesses locally and regionally, which in return provides consumers with easy access to various trusted vendors and a variety of goods and services. Hence, it facilitates the shopping cycle.

Why Homiez?

Homiez is one of the first platforms that focuses on vender visibility offering daily related services and products within the same reach.

It emphasizes on promoting and enabling the vendors’ businesses.

It establishes strong partnerships with trusted and world class ecosystem partners.

It works with professional and talented teams that uphold clear, long term visions.

It promotes mass marketing campaigns in addition to many more advantages and innovations

What are the categories offered on Homiez?

The list is expanding and currently includes: grocery, all retails products under the market category, maintenance and services, stationary, spa and fitness, flowers and confectionary, food and catering, cleaning services and laundry.

Registration and Logging In:

How can I register an account on Homiez?

By signing up through clicking on “Create an Account”.

The individual is required to create a unique username and password in addition to providing basic personal information and a valid payment method associated with it.

Logging in:

Click “sign in” on the tab on the upper right corner of the site and then enter your e-mail and password.

What happens if you have forgotten the password for your account?

If password is forgotten, click on the “Forgot Password” link and an email will be sent to the email address provided with instructions for resetting the password for your account

Privacy Policy:

(Refer to Homiez Privacy Policy)

Security & Safeguarding your Information:

Homiez takes privacy seriously and therefore, your privacy and personal data will be dealt with carefully and securely. When collecting data and personal details, we ensure it’s on a secure server by only dealing with and trusting Internet service providers that are in line with the highest standard of safe and secure methods of storing.

Reasonable steps will be taken in order to protect your information.

What personal information will be collected by Homiez?

Any information that can be used to identify the user, such as the first and last name, email address, zip code/post code, billing address, shipping address, location, phone number, username and any other personally identifiable information the user chooses to provide.

For what reasons/purposes will users’ personal information be collected and used for?

Your personal information will only be collected and used for the following reasons: providing services, improving the site when registering, creating an account profile, subscribing to our emails, mobile messages, push notifications or social media notifications, posting on our forums or blogs, participating in a promotion, survey or poll, shopping through our online stores, ordering physical or digital gift cards, requesting customer support, applying for a job or otherwise communicating with us through the service.

How to enable/disable communications regarding marketing purposes from Homiez?

The user can change his/her communications preference at any time through the settings on either the Web or mobile application

Location Information:

For what purposes are users’ location information collected?

Homiez provides services and functions dependent on knowing the users’ location in advance, for example to identify the service providers or stores around your area or to calculate shipping charges. Therefore, our platform services may collect precise information about the location of your mobile device or computer.

Can device location be controlled?

Yes, the user can change/control the device location tracking through the settings of the device itself.


By using Homiez’s platform and the sub-sites including its services, you are consenting to the collection, retention and use of information in accordance with the privacy policy. In most cases, explicit consent will be required but, in some situations, consent will be inferred from your actions and behaviour.

Cookies & Beacons:

Homiez uses cookies and other technologies to collect and store information however, you can instruct your browser to disable or selectively enable when cookies are sent. Disabling cookies might limit your use of some sections of the platform. The kind of information collected and stored are users’ preferences and information on pages visited for the purposes of managing the site and providing some services and content based on the information.


What are the applicable payment methods?

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Card Swipe on Delivery
  • Any other payment method provided by Homiez and accepted by the vendor

Breaches & Disputes:

What are the consequences in cases of breach and/or failure to meet Homiez Standards?

HomieZ may, in its sole discretion and without limiting other remedies, limit, suspend or terminate your user account(s) and access to HomieZ’s services.

How will disputes/claims between the customer and vendor be resolved?

The vendor and buyer shall try to resolve the dispute amongst themselves first and if that fails, they can refer their issue to Homiez, who will investigate the situation and help reach a resolution through amicable means.

How will disputes/claims with Homiez be resolved?

Users shall contact Homiez Support Service directly.

How to contact Homiez?


Telephone: 17484344

FAQs Buyers

What benefits do Homiez offer to buyers?

  • Online purchase and payment
  • Access to various suppliers within the same platform
  • Provides ease of communication with vendors
  • View and compare consumer feedbacks & ratings
  • View and compare products and services
  • Ensures ease in searching for products and services
  • Customised notifications
  • Ability to check the latest offers and promotions
  • Ability to create a “Wish List” for future shopping
  • Centralised order tracking
  • Time-effective and effort saving

Placing Orders:

To place an order, follow the steps below: -

  • Visit us on Homiez.me
  • Select the items you like, including the preferred specifications and quantity
  • Once satisfied, click on “Add to cart”
  • Either continue shopping through the platform or if done, click on the cart on the top right where you can either immediately checkout or view your cart.


You can either:

  • Continue as a guest – Enter your email address to proceed
  • Returning customer – Enter your Login details to proceed
  • New customer – Register with your contact details

Then –

  • Choose your delivery address to proceed
  • Choose your desired payment method and click on ‘Buy Now’.

Shipping & Delivery:

How are goods/services shipped/delivered?

Either through the vendor/seller himself/herself or through a delivery agent facilitated by Homiez.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the delivery method and the time-frame set by the seller, which should be clarified to the buyer at the time of the purchase.

What are the delivery methods offered?

  • Express Delivery
  • Standard Delivery
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Any other delivery option offered by the vendor

Who pays for shipping and what are the costs?

The delivery costs are set based on the seller’s own discretion and must be clarified to the buyer at the time of the purchase. The seller can offer free shipping or enforce a shipping fee on the buyer provided that the buyer is informed at the time of the purchase.

Cancellation, Returns, Exchange & Refunds:

When can orders be cancelled?

  • Item/service has not been delivered within the promised time-frame
  • Prior to the processing and/or shipping of the order or within the time-frame specified in the invoice
  • Seller has materially changed the item’s description after order has been placed or if a clear typographical error is made
  • Change of Mind

After cancellation, the consumer shall be refunded

If the order has been processed and/or shipped, the consumer shall refer to the seller’s policy.

According to Homiez as a vendor, if order is shipped the consumer will be liable for the cancellation charge, which includes shipping and payment process fees. If order was cancelled after work has commenced, Homiez will deduct the costs reasonably incurred from the refund.

How can orders be cancelled?

You can cancel an order by clicking on the “cancel” tab in the Payment status.

When can orders be returned?

  • Wrong item/service has been delivered
  • Item is damaged/defective/counterfeit or not as described by the seller
  • Change of Mind/ Dissatisfaction

Wrong item/service delivered:

Consumer shall contact the vendor immediately upon the receipt of the item in order to arrange for return and redelivery or a return with full refund.

Item is damaged/counterfeit or not as described:

Consumer shall notify the seller immediately at the time of delivery.

Item is defective:

Consumer shall notify the seller within 15 days from the date of delivery

Change of Mind/Dissatisfaction:

Consumers shall refer to the seller’s policy on return.

What is Homiez’s return policy?

Homiez, as a vendor, permits return between 7 to 14 days depending on the nature and type of product/service, provided that the item is in good condition and unused along with its packaging, original tags and certificates/documents in addition to it not being classified as a non-returnable item. Therefore, the consumer must refer to the specific return conditions for each item/category before purchase.

What are Homiez’s non-returnable items?

The return of a product/service is subject to its type and nature and therefore, the consumer must check the return conditions before purchase.

A general list of non-returnable items includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clearance items marked as non-returnable
  • Grocery products
  • Flowers and plants
  • Consumable items
  • Health, personal and hygiene care items
  • Some beauty products
  • Some jewellery
  • Products missing the serial number or UPC
  • Products with their retail packaging, seals or boxes opened or missing any tags or labels
  • Products not in the same condition as received, whether used or damaged
  • Certain product types

Can orders be exchanged?

The process of exchange is subject to the seller’s policy and to the nature of the product and thus, the customer should be aware of the exchange policy before purchase.

If exchange is not available, the consumer has the option to return the item and place a new order with reference to the seller’s policy on return.

Does Homiez offer an exchange option?

Homiez, as a vendor, permits exchange within 7-14 days depending on the nature and type of product therefore, the consumer must refer to the exchange condition for each item before purchase.

How will I get refunded?

The method and process of refund depends on the payment method used for purchase.

Credit/Debit Card: Payments can be refunded back either to the same card within 5-20 business days or be processed, once accepted, as credit note by either Homiez or the vendor depending on the status of the order.

Cash on Delivery: Refund will be issued as credit note. If the reason of cancellation/return is not due to vendor’s fault, shipping and COD charges will be deducted from the payment, unless waived by the vendor

In what cases will I be fully refunded?

Customer will receive a full refund in the following cases:

  • The item/ service was not delivered within the time-frame promised
  • Item is damaged/defective/counterfeit or not as described by the seller
  • Wrong item/service has been delivered
  • Order cancelled prior to processing and/or shipping the order or within the time-frame specified in the invoice
  • Order cancelled due to change in description after order has been placed or if a typographical error is made

Who shall bear the charges if the return/cancellation is due to the seller’s error?

If error is caused by the seller, he/she shall bear the costs of delivering, returning, repairing and all costs incurred in recovering the product otherwise, the customer shall be refunded.

Who shall bear the charges if the return/cancellation is due reasons not regarding the seller’s error?

Such as change of mind or dissatisfaction.

The buyer shall be liable for paying the charges unless waived by the seller who accepts to pay them therefore, it is subject to the seller’s policy.

According to Homiez, as a vendor, the consumer shall bear the charges in such situation.

When can a service be cancelled and will I be refunded?

Cancellation of a service shall be within the time frame specified by the vendor and the consumer will receive a full refund.

If cancellation is requested after the vendor has commenced work on the order, the vendor has the right to deduct the costs reasonably incurred from the refund.

If cancellation is requested after the shipping/delivery of the service, the consumer will be charged according to the seller’s policy.

In regards to this matter, Homiez will impose a cancellation charge on the consumer.

What’s the process if the service was unsatisfactory?

If the consumer is not satisfied with the service provided, he/she can file a complaint to the vendor first and if the issue is not resolved, the consumer can then contact Homiez who will investigate the situation and help reach a resolution.

If the consumer is not satisfied with a service offered by Homiez, he/she can contact Homiez’s Support Service directly.

FAQs Sellers

What benefits do Homiez offer to suppliers?

  • Effective & efficient sales channel
  • Easy access to the business from anywhere
  • Cost effective window to obtain a wider segment of buyers thus, expanding customer reach
  • Lower set up and running costs compared to offline businesses
  • No opening time restrictions
  • New marketing window for updated ads
  • Access to market information
  • Able to view competitors’ offers
  • Access to consumer experience, feedback, preference, rating and buying habits
  • Serve niche markets
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Tailor offers and promotions
  • Get access to updated analytical reports

What are the services provided by Homiez to the seller?

Homiez provides sellers with several services, the basic includes: subscription and set-up/training. Additional services include: Content Management, Campaign Management and Integration.

How does Homiez help promote sellers’ products/services?

Homiez has its own internal marketing team that can provide assistance regarding the promotion of products/services in order to help sellers maximize output and ensure customer satisfaction.

By joining Homiez, will I have to manage two different systems (Homiez and the personal)?

No, Homiez facilitates an integrating system to ensure ease

Selling Items/Services:

How to sell on Homiez?

First you must create an account registering yourself as a seller in order to enjoy the facilities of a vendor.

Then –

Click on “Sell with us” and start entering all the necessary information.

Once you are done, you can start immediately showing your products/services on our platform.


What are the provisions regarding the listing of items/services on Homiez?

The item/service must:

  • Be legal
  • Be owned or provided by the seller or the seller has legal cause to sell
  • Not violate any local laws or regulations
  • Not be on Homiez’s Prohibited Items/Services List

The seller shall:

  • Disclose any rights or obligations at time of purchase
  • Clarify any information, clarification, cautions or any other conditions stipulated by the law of Consumer Protection or any laws in Bahrain
  • Provide a detailed description

What does the Prohibited Items/Services List include?

  • Illegal items/services
  • Counterfeit items
  • Stolen goods
  • Explicit items
  • Weapons and explosives as organised by the Penal Code
  • Sex toys and fetish items
  • Safety Hazard items
  • Items/services that require legal approval or licenses
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Prescription or behind-the-counter medicines
  • Current banknotes
  • Human body parts, organs, cells, blood and similar objects
  • Products designed to either circumvent copyright protection techniques or facilitate the unlicensed use of copyright materials
  • Gambling, raffles and/or sweepstakes
  • Items/services deemed unsuitable by HomieZ
  • Items/services restricted by the Ministry of Health and National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism or any other related formal bodies
  • Any item that the Shipping Agent restricts to ship

How to describe the items/services being sold?

It is encouraged, for optimal sales, to provide a detailed description of the item/service, such as:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • For food or groceries: flavour, type, quantity, weight, ingredients, nutrition details, dietary concern and allergy...etc.
  • Brand
  • Condition
  • Proof of authenticity
  • Provide clear photos taken by the seller - must be actual, not stock, photos of the item

What languages can be used when listing products/services?

English and Arabic

In the event that there are issues regarding managing profiles and/or listings, what can be done?

A request can be sent to our team and they will offer assistance regarding content management.


How do I know/view the orders placed by customers?

You will be notified once an order has been placed.

You can also view details about the orders by accessing your admin page and clicking on the “orders” tab.

How to confirm orders?

You can confirm orders by clicking on the “Processing” tab within the “Fulfillment Status”.

Can orders be cancelled?

Orders can only be cancelled when the seller is unable to fulfill the order.

Homiez is automatically authorised to request the payment agent to remove the specified amount from the seller’s account in order to refund the buyers.

What happens if the wrong product/service has been delivered?

The seller will bear the responsibility of the cost of returning the wrong product/service and redelivering it or fully refunding the customer.

To what extent are the sellers provided with flexibility regarding their terms and conditions?

The sellers are free to put their own terms and conditions on policies concerning cancellation after processing and/or shipping the order, exchange, return and refund when error is not due to the seller, pricing and promotions. These freedoms are granted as long as they do not conflict with Homiez’s Terms and Conditions, the agreement between the sellers and Homiez in addition to the laws in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain


How to add warranty to my products/services?

While uploading the product/service, you can include any associated warranty information. You need to specify who is providing the warranty and its duration.


Will I be liable for the incurred charges subject to each payment method?

Yes, these charges will be explicitly stated in the contract and will be deducted from the buyers’ payments before transferring the aggregated amount to the sellers’ accounts.

When and how do I get paid?

Online payments from buyers will be made by Homiez to the seller on a bi-weekly basis, while Cash on Delivery amounts will take 21 days, unless otherwise specified in the engagement package contract.

Shipping & Delivery:

How to arrange for shipping?

The vendor can arrange for shipping either through a delivery agent or through their own delivery services.

The seller must deliver within the time-frame specified unless circumstances beyond his/her control occurs.